The Wines

A different kind of buzz!

It’s all in the Earth and Craft. 

Cha Cha Mouche wines are organically, biodynamically and
sustainably farmed and produced in cool California and Gigondas, France. The
wines are made with a light touch using open air, sunshine and letting nature
take its course. They express the purity and clarity of Tarbell’s Cha Cha
Mouche vision.

Tarbell’s wines playfully embrace winemaking by challenging What Is and inviting you to What’s Next.

Fun vinos with balance, unity and the future of wine taste.

We are a soil to giggles wine. It’s not a bottle, it’s a movement.

A Light Pucker

Lighter = “High on Acid, Low on Alcohol” Cha Cha Mouche is lower alcohol naturally. No
added Ka Ka in your wine, we promise.

Playful = At Cha Cha Mouche our Mission is to “Demystify Vino”. We want to crush the
myth and status drinking and make it more approachable.


At Cha Cha Mouche we have a commitment to community & earth. We look forward to hosting Annual "Invite Only" Cha Cha Mouche Parties in all towns that have 100 or more members. Each party will support a local charity that best serves that community. 

Ready to join the Cha Cha Mouche Wine Club?