2021 "Old School” Carignan

2021 "Old School” Carignan

Wine name: “Old School”

This subtle squishy red is from gnarly 111+ year old vines. The same family has been caring for these vines since they were planted. Every time we taste it our faces are cracking ‘cause w’re smiling so much.

Notes of sunshine:
Thoughts on this one. If you were to combine Chuckleberry with Cape Cod Cranberries it would not taste anything like this amazing wine. Except... hmmm yes there are hints of both. It's like a delicate wood elf dancing on oak leaves. The texture is fine, supple with a lift of tartness and minimal dryness. The aromas are subtle and complex with exotic soft red fruit, a hint of toasted smores. But hey that's what I'm pickin' up!  V.E.


Fun facts:
Play, playing, playful is who we are. The Farmer was selling these amazing grapes in bulk until a friend came along a few years ago and convinced them to farm with ultimate quality. We first harvested an acre of vines, made a couple barrels and wow!!! We loved the smoothness filled with subtle complex flavors with no edge. Then we boldly stated "Let's make some more.. and more … and more". A couple years in to this, we totally get the potential, a Seaside French red with so many stories to tell.

Farm notes:
All grapes need to sleep, and just like humans, we need it cool and dark! Carignan loves a little more daytime warmth than most grapes. This vineyard has both cooler nights and hot days. These influences give the grapes a chance to ripen, restore and rest building complex flavors.

Grape history:

Carignan has been around since the beginning of time! Because of it’s secret potential greatness in the right hands, Italy, Spain and France all lay some claim to it. Likely it was spread around Sardinia in about 1k years BC by the Pheonicians. The southern Rhone Valley of France is where it started to take center stage. For hundreds of years prior is was used to blend with other red berries or made as a grippy simple wine. When loved and cared for and planted in the right conditions, it's magic comes through.


Bikinis are a mini tapas style sandwich found all over Barcelona.  V.E. loves the versatility and playfulness of what can possibly go into these.

(Serves 4-6 friends)

  • 2-2 ½ C minced Spanish Ham
  • 2/3 C aioli / mayonnaise (adjust to best consistency)
  • 1-2 T whole grain mustard (adjust to your taste)
  • 2 t Organic Low Sodium Soy Sauce (adjust to your taste)
  • ½ t Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce or Cholula (adjust to your taste)
  • Food process the ham and such to a smooth spread.
  • For the bikini assembly, thinly slice cornichons
  • 6 thin sliced challah bread with the crust trimmed off.
  • Assemble the bikini, dust with clarified organic butter, toast/heat on a pre-heated flattop on medium and cut into triangle shaped quarters.
  • Sit, crack a bottle of Carignan and tell stories… the funnier the better!
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